Question: Do you think plans to restrict the promotion and marketing of foods high in salt, sugar and fat will help to reduce childhood obesity in Scotland?

Your feedback: Yes –55% (33 respondents) No – 45% (27 respondents)

Your comments: 

“While this is a step in the right direction we need to encourage children to spend less time playing video games and actually go and play sports. Such as football , cycling in fact any sort.”

“The initial problem lies in the way products are manufactured. But unless parents take responsibility little will change.”

“Only partly because the real world culture would still remain in favour of junk food.”

“Won’t make much difference, people need to learn how to cook at home and use less highly processed foods. Multibuy purchases are often a good way To save money”

“There has been much evidence and publicity about the negative health effects of fats, sugar, salt, etc. for many years just as there has about alcohol and tobacco. The problem is not initially with the children but with bad parenting and poor education! “

“The effect is likely only to be marginal, but a healthier eating culture has to be promoted to reduce the impact on shortened lives and the burden on the NHS.”