Do you think employers have a role supporting staff with their mental health?


Your Feedback:

100% of respondents answered yes and agreed that employers must support staff with their mental health.

Your Comments:

“Employers, particularly those running small businesses, need access to advice and guidance on mental health issues – on how to promote good mental health in the workplace….and how to respond to and support staff.”
“Of course, although the stigma surrounding mental health sometimes makes it difficult for staff and management to discuss these sort of issues.”
“Yes. Although it can only be in relation to the work place, is the working environment a good one to work in which will include opportunities for workers to ‘share their concerns’ with someone in a managerial position. Any personal or domestic issues can only be looked upon with understanding and constructive co-operation in the work place.”
“A little (or more) information about mental health issues made generally available to workforce might help lessen stigma”
“If employers want staff to perform well, they should be looking after their physical and mental health and any disability issues”