Question:Do we need to change our culture to talk more about stress and mental health?

Your feedback: Yes –98% (49 respondents) No – 2% (1 respondent)

Your comments:

“Mental health services are woefully inadequate and a lot more money needs to be invested. People with mental illness such as schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder need to be supported a lot more in their community.”

“People affected by deafness have significant increase in likelihood of mental health problems. We need to understand stress, distress and building resilience plus ways of managing positive health & well being.”

“There is little early intervention strategies and resources in local communities. It is all higher tariff. We need to be better at early support rather than knee jerk!”

“As to the stigma of mental health, this is mainly because there is the tendency to lump the different kinds of brain and mental problems together.This leads to the classic state of ignorance due to the complete lack of understanding of the wide variety of different problems.”

“Mental health is talked about now. We don’t need to talk about it any more than we now do, but there are no services available in my area, and nothing can be done to reduce the stigma, there will always be ignorant people in the world.”

“Reducing the stigma is a hard nut to crack, as people suffering tend to draw into themselves. Perhaps a more enlightened approach would help, but attitudes are often hard to change.”

“Professionals need to recognise that physically disabled people can also have mental ill health and services need to be accessible.”

“Ridiculous almost criminal wait to access mental health support services of upwards of 8 months….which for some comes too late.”

“Mental health and well being, like disability, needs greater integration into Scotland’s schools and workplaces.”