Weekly Poll Results – Motability Consultation (Week Beginning 11 November 2019)

Question: Have you faced barriers to accessing the Motability scheme?


Yes 93% (365 respondents) No 7% (28 respondents)

Your comments: 

Barriers to accessing Motability 

“You shouldn’t have to surrender your full PIP/DLA especially when they are making huge profits from disabled people.”

“The Scheme costs too much for people on low incomes who need and rely on their benefits to survive. I don’t understand why it costs so much when they make so much profit that they donate to non customers.”

“The lease cost is too much and for me doesn’t represent value for money as I only use my car twice a week.”

“I recently got my good condition bonus back as a cheque and have no banks nearby due to bank closures.”

“Choice of vehicles is limited particularly for hybrids and electric vehicles than need to be able to carry a wheelchair.”

“The scheme costs to much given the tax relief they get and that is why they are making the profits they are. They should reduce the monthly cost to customers.”

“As Motability are making such huge profits from disabled people why don’t they just reduce the monthly lease instead of giving away the money and adding things onto the lease that no one want or has been asked about. Do the right thing and reduce the monthly lease for customers.”

“The current scheme isn’t responsive at all to rural and island communities in Scotland.”

“I live in Badenoch and Strathspey and my nearest dealer is Inverness, which is too far away. Also, we frequently get snow and I can’t afford the payments for a four wheel drive on the scheme.”

“I am aware that Disability Equality Scotland and the  Mobility and Access Committee for Scotland (MACS) are doing work to hold motability to account to its customers and I hope that Scottish Ministers will support this work and take on board and findings or recommendation made from this work. “

“Since having my own spinal injury I had never driven before and as you all know walking even short distances is tough at times, so I started driving lessons and then passed my test and got my first car through motobility and haven’t looked back since as I feel it’s given me a new lease of life.”