Question: Do you agree with the four key priorities that are featured in the National Transport Strategy?


Yes 99% (437 respondents) No 1% (6 respondents)

Your comments: 

“Good to see promoting equality so prominent. Maybe things are changing. Time will tell but hope equality and improved accessibility are not at the tail end of the 20 year strategy.”

“Hopefully it won’t take 20 years to delivery equality and improve health and wellbeing!”

“If they want to increase bus patronage they need to introduce a plus 1 for bus travel to allow disabled people to travel on buses with their carers or companions who help them and give them confidence.”

“Yes, but my concerns on listening to the discussions on the Transport Bill today is that they are paying accessibility lip service without realising the scale of change needed or really understanding the barriers disable people face travelling on public transport – this should be a key priority area to fix and fix now!”

“Disability Equality Scotland need to take a lead role in ensuring the Scottish Government honours these commitments.”

“Communication is a key area to address (inclusive!).”

“Disability Equality Scotland needs to keep pressure on the government and Transport Scotland on priority 1 and scrutinise progress. They should be the lead DPO for this in Scotland due to their knowledge and experience in this field.”

“Easy to use and affordable are critical to allow disabled people to use public transport.”

“Where is the money coming from to address new accessible transport requirements and also provide acceptable services in rural areas?”

“Scottish Government need to sort transport to medical appointments as a matter of urgency.”

“I am looking forward to priority 1 being delivered because just now as a wheelchair user it is a struggle to use public transport and I often can’t get access. This isn’t fair.”

“These principles need to include rural areas and the islands and not just urban Scotland.”

“Wheelchair versus buggies needs sorted. There has been a Supreme Court ruling on this but bus drivers are doing nothing to help and refusing wheelchair users access to the bus because buggies are in the wheelchair space. This is still a regular occurrence.”

“The words are good and it is obvious that disabled people have been involved in the draft strategy but to ensure the priorities are delivered the Government needs to keep involving disabled people and listen to them regarding if there is progress or not.”