Question: Have you faced barriers accessing NHS 24 digital services, including NHS inform, Care Information Scotland (CIS), Breathing Space and


Yes 31% (22 respondents) No 69% (49 respondents)

Your comments: 

“I think NHS Inform is good but I only found out about it because I took part in a discussion group which promoted it. I suspect a lot of people don’t know about it.” 

“Shocking because I don’t know about this service and would welcome a campaign for better public knowledge about them.” 

“I have difficulty using a computer and a telephone (mainly pressing buttons on a keypad) and not all of us can get internet reception in a remote rural area. Information leaflets are difficult to obtain if you can’t get out to Health Centres, hospitals etc.”

“A neighbour called 999 for me when I felt very ill at night. The neighbour said 999 refused to send an ambulance and said that the ambulance service told them I must call NHS 24 but I cannot use telephones myself due to being deaf, so I was just abandoned with no means of getting emergency help. NHS 24 does not provide an emergency email service for deaf people.”

“The people I support are seldom able to make positive use of digital services. They may not have access, have no credit on their phone when it is most needed, be unable to deal with communicating with a machine, have complex situations which are not easily explained & do not fit the, sometimes bizarre, options available and frequently simply cannot navigate the options to find the appropriate section.”