Question: Have you experienced longer waiting times for NHS treatment than the 18-week referral to treatment (RTT) target?

Your feedback: Yes 70% (28 Respondents) No 30% (12 respondents)

Your comments: 

“The NHS in Scotland is doing better than it is in England have a number of family and friends in different parts of England who have waited beyond set times for appointments”

“I received an X-ray, of which these results were forwarded electronically to the consultant, and I was able to see the consultant immediately after – saving additional appointments and returns. These consultants opinion was then relayed to my own doctor immediately after. Excellent case of joined up thinking, joint working and co-operation, and saving on out patient appointments and additional travel.”

“Generally I can wait for around 6 months or more to see consultants. Yet the people I do meet are usually very helpful, honest and reassuring. However, I am not informed when staff leave their job, retire or are ill. This creates stress and frustration.”

“Waiting lists will inevitably get longer due to cuts in spending on care by social work departments. Reduction in availability of care will inevitavbly cause a deterioration in both physical health and mental health. These problems are only just starting but will get worse and worse unless there is a massive increase in spending on care by local council social work departments.”

“I waited longer than the 18 week RTT for a MRI scan pre surgery and this delayed my surgery too. I was eventually sent to a private facility to get my scan quicker. I believe part of the problem with the NHS is that many people are abusing the NHS and putting pressure on finite resources rather than self managing their condition”

“Had an accident in early August 2017 and still waiting for surgery. Was told it would be an 8 months waiting list. Still waiting.”