Question: Edinburgh has banned on-street advertising boards – do you think they should be banned in your area?

Your feedback: Yes –88% (58 respondents) No – 12% (8 respondent)

Your comments:

“I use a mobility scooter and wheelchair,the pavements are bad enough to navigate round with cars parked on them the condition of them and the narrowness with as boards clogging them up as I agree they should be banned!!!”

“Far worse than advertising hoardings are signs saying “road works ahead” and similar. They are a far greater hazard to disabled people. Such signs should not be allowed on the pavement.”

“Businesses must realise that making streets more accessible will result in increased custom.”

“Shops leaving large dustbins and racks of clothes on pavements also causes problems, not to mention cars and vans parking on pavement.”

“I do not think they should be banned outright. In some areas where pavements are wider and in pedestrian precincts they may have a place.”

“As a wheelie I’ve had to have people move boards so I can continue down the street. I’ve also knocked a lot over.”