Have you encountered any problems with passenger assistance at airports in Scotland?


Your Feedback:

81% (42 respondents) answered yes as they had experienced difficulties purchasing accessible tickets. 19% (10 respondents) answered no.

Your Comments:

“At Prestwick a mobile lift delay caused the plane to be delayed significantly and for me to be lifted into planes seat (I am tetraplegic) while an entire plane watched. I felt humiliated and was held entirely to blame for their delay.”
“While travelling to Spain on my own as a registered blind person the airport staff at Prestwick were excellent and couldn’t do enough for me, it was a lot different at the other end”
“These are training issues. I do know that there is sometimes an ” information board issue” in the smaller airports – Shetland, Orkney and Stornoway come to mind – and due to building acoustics, announcements tend to get lost.”
“Aberdeen Airport has put a lot of work in recently to further improve travel assistance for people including the introduction of lanyards for people travelling with autism.”