Thank you to everyone who completed last week’s poll about Personal Care .


Do you think personal and nursing care should be free for disabled people under the age of 65?


Your Feedback:

95% (36 respondents) answered YES that personal care should be free. 5% (2 respondents) answered No.

Your Comments:

“It is everyones right to live a life with dignity, respect with choice and independence (Equality Act 2010) therefore it is only right and proper that all disabled people receive free personal and nursing care free at the point of delivery and that the care given meets the needs of the individual. Otherwise the Government could be found to be in breach of the Equality Act.”

“Yes . . . . but only if essential for their general well being.”

“No one asks to live with a long term condition or disability so why should they have to pay the extra costs to help with basic human needs.”

“There should be no age discrimination when care is involved.”

“Especially for folk with dementia and other progressive illnesses where disabled are having problems.”