Thank you to everyone who completed last week’s poll about planning applications. We had a tremendous response and received lots of interesting comments.


Do you think local authorities should consult with Access Panels on all local planning applications?

Your Feedback:

96% (46 respondents) said YES that local authorities should consult with Access Panels on all local planning applications, 4% (2 respondents) said NO, they should not.

Your Comments:

”I think LA’s should consult with local Access Panels. Our Panel sees plans all the time and makes comment. This is crucial for public buildings”

“I am a fervent advocate in the support of new legislation to afford the access panels the status of statutory consultees”

“As all applications are lodged centrally for a Council area and when deemed to be compliant with legislation are forwarded to relevant consultees. It would be a minor task to have access panels included as a possible consultee on appropriate applications.”

“At East Dunbartonshire, we are not included in any consultation. ‘Shared Space’ in Kirkintilloch was designed and implemented without any consultation.”

“.. Yes, but only on all RELEVANT planning applications – (1) all cases that involve access by the general public and (2) all residential developments that comprise 4 or more units”

“It is not a simple yes/no answer. Public buildings I would say Yes, but private houses is a No.”

“If information is shared by public address systems it is not accessible to people with hearing loss. I have many times been left confused and anxious as to why people have swapped trains or platforms because I haven’t heard the announcement.”

“They should be dealing with the people who have the life history of dealing with access instead of community councils many of whom do not have a disabled person on them”

“This would ensure those with knowledge of accessibility and inclusive design are involved from the start and hopefully prevent the costly retro fixes due to poor planning.”