Question: Do you agree with the decision by Starbucks to ban plastic straws in all stores by 2020?

Your feedback: Yes 61% (23  respondents) No 39% (15 respondents)

Your comments: 

Agree with the ban

“We should all be taking responsibility for our environment where possible by utilising re-useable or more environmentally friendly alternatives.”

“I can see the difficulties for people who require Plastic straws but that for me does not trump the environmental threat to the planet”

“There is a massive and urgent environmental concern, and it must take precedence. There is undoubted inconvenience; I now have to carry my own cup to Starbucks in my attempt to reduce my environmental impact caused by takeaway cups.”

“This will assist with reducing the pollution in our sea and help our marine life. Other reasonable alternatives to plastic straws are available and don’t cost much.”

“I think it’s a good thing banning these single use plastic straws. We need to globally start to tackle plastic in our oceans and seas also on land! If some disabled people need to use these straws why can’t they carry their own?”

Do not agree with the ban

“I feel that everyone has been too hasty in their decision to ban plastic straws as for some people it is the only way they are able to independently have a drink.”

“No positives to this – won’t help the environment – just makes life harder for people. Won’t be using Starbucks any longer.”

“Was there an Equality Impact Assessment type exercise carried out? This may have flagged up potential negative impacts and how they could be mitigated.”

“This decision amounts to disability discrimination”

“People who need straws won’t use Starbucks anymore. That simple.”

“Before getting rid of something one needs to evaluate the impact of such a decision and, as appropriate, work out what is to replace it. I’m not convinced either of these actions has been taken satisfactorily.”