Have you or someone you know been affected by poverty in the UK? Yes/No

Your Feedback:

86% (38 respondents) had or knew someone who had been affected by poverty in the UK.  14 respondents (6 respondents) had not.

Your Comments:

“Get rid of austerity. It’s killing the most vulnerable sections of our society!”

“Currently experiencing Poverty as a Family. The Government need to raise the amount Disabled People need to live on and change the rules around the qualifying rules linked to Disabled Premiums for Income Support”

“Perhaps those at the top need to rethink and be asked “what would it be like if you had to really struggle and decide between heating or eating!”

“I do agree with the statistics in the findings and find it shocking especially in this day and age. Increasing costs in the wrong places and not enough increases for the correct reasons – to be able to live well and at least comfortably as regards keeping warm and having sufficient food to eat!”

“Benefits increase extremely minimally each year where as the cost of living increases phenomenally – housing costs, fuel and food are the main drain on income and many people are literally going without certain essentials in order to live at a very poor subsistence level.”

“Changes to benefits are not working. Ridiculous if there is a change of circumstances in your household, that all money stops. No wonder folk are resorting to foodbanks.”

“Poverty is being created by the roll-out of universal credit”

“I have been a carer for 30 years for my daughter and my mother and regularly care over 120 hours a week, carers need a living wage”

“Our youngest daughter is a single parent with 2 kids and because of the government policies, every year she is finding it harder to manage. As my wife and I are both disabled and our money is also having to stretch further, we cannot do as much to help as we would like. To us this should be called “Enforced Poverty”