What are the most important features of your primary care service? Please pick the 3 most important to you.


The three most important features of primary care were identified as:

  • Being able to get an appointment at a convenient time (27 respondents)
  • My appointment taking as long as I need it to (24 respondents)
  • Seeing the same GP (23 respondents)

Your comments: 

“Seeing the same GP removes the stress and frustration of having to explain history and symptoms repeatedly.”

“We are very fortunate in our GP practice that we have open surgery on mornings 8-10am , Mondays to Fridays. Not many practices offer this.”

“In my area it is extremely difficult to get an appointment with a GP or Nurse on the same day. In addition, you are held on the phone for over 30 minutes waiting to get through the telephone queue system.”

“Appointment system is problematic. Phoning is requested but not answered. Available doctor lists are too short and do not meet the needs of the patient.”

“I would like someone to oversee all my care needs, like a case manager. I’m not sure the GP is the most appropriate person due demands already placed on primary care.”

“It is in remote rural areas that there is no public transport and it is often the same areas where mobile devices cannot be used because there is no signal.”

“Currently, some receptionists may be given the authority to direct patients to the person THEY think you should see…”

“Shortage of GPs is causing big problems, but people must realise that you do not always have to see a Dr. Other health professionals can be far more appropriate in many cases and have more knowledge of the problem and treatment.”

“Appointments system is working very well at Saltcoats Group Practice, North Ayrshire, perhaps the system this busy surgery uses could be held as an example for others to follow”

“For well over 5 years now we have had an endless supply of ever changing locum GP’s with NO regular GP and NO consistency!”