Are you supportive of the new national public health body in Scotland, to be known as ‘Public Health Scotland’?


Yes 83% (20 respondents) No 17% (4 respondents)

Your comments: 

“A good and necessary idea but give it teeth. Too many initiatives get bogged down in unnecessary paperwork and reporting to too many agendas, taking valuable time away from the actual task.”

“There is scope here to be ensuring that this service will be extra vigilant that service delivery is person centred.”

“We hope it will take communication & language barriers seriously and factor inclusive forms of communication into its regular activities.”

“Hope it is not another talking shop and that there will be action soon”

“Having read the recommendations, I am unclear as to the need to create new national body for public health in Scotland without understanding what functions will be transferred from the current bodies.”

“I would like Public Health Scotland to be open to contributions from organisations and individuals. For example, I have produced lists of dyslexia-friendly resources on dyslexia and common mental health conditions, and a guide to help GPs in Scotland to signpost dyslexic adults to support.”