Question: Are you concerned by the closure of council-owned public toilets across Scotland?

Your feedback: Yes 95% (79 respondents) No 5% (4 respondents)

Your comments: 

Concerned by the closure of council-owned public toilets across Scotland

“This has been done by Aberdeenshire Council without a proper Impact Assessment being carried out which is against their own Disability Equality Duty.”

“Arran has had all its public toilets closed by the council. The majority are now being run by local volunteers. We appear to have returned to the 17th century with regard to public hygiene. The council should NOT be relying on the goodwill of local businesses and volunteers to provide a service that should be considered at the top of the list of 21st century services provided by the council.”

“Its difficult enough finding a toilet when out and about especially due to my blindness and I think less toilets will discourage disabled people when leaving their homes.”

“As a person with disabilities I tend to plan my journey(s) with toilets in mind en route. Many times such as on the A9 and stopping in the likes of Pitlochry the toilets are closed after certain times, but with the additional problem is the accessible toilet is also contained behind a closed shutter.”

“The toilets on Arran are no longer run by the Council. All the previously Council run toilets are operated by community groups. We are only in the second year of this arrangement and I am concerned that now that the novelty is wearing off how to keep locals involved and motivated to clean toilets.”

“Since I have had an operation on my prostate, the situation is tricky for me as I need to relieve myself more frequently.”

“Many of the Council owned public toilets are in poor condition and harbour problematic reputations. I would be keen so see a new movement, possibly linked to changing places that put public spaces into public “ownership” and new financial arrangements were put in place.”

“Stirling Council has committed to installing 2 Changing Places toilets. I think the issue of lack of Changing Places toilets is more concerning than lack of public toilets”

Not concerned
“Taxpayers money should not be wasted on public toilets. Far more important things to be spending money on. Plenty of good accessible toilets in shops now. I frequently nip into John Lewis in Glasgow to use the loo.”