Question: Will you benefit from legal support offered by EHRC Scotland to prevent discrimination and ensure equal access to public transport?


Yes 98% (185 respondents) No 2% (3 respondents)

Your comments: 

“Good to see an organisation putting their weight behind this to enforce the changes needed to make things fair and equal.”

“Quite frankly, as a disabled wheelchair user on public transport, we are very much on our own!”

“Public transport in Scotland is a disgrace. People can’t even get to medical appointments. The government and bus companies need to be help to account as well as rail as people on low incomes can’t afford to travel by train. Transport should not be unaffordable for people or a Choice between travelling or eating or heating.”

“I always feel I just get a reply with excuses and never know where to go to escalate the issue to get access to public transport – mainly buses and when they withdraw bus services and I can’t get out.”

“Bus routes that have high use of concessionary travel passes should be protected as they are obviously providing a vital service, without which vulnerable individuals would not be able to get out and access services and company.”

“Will this offer of assistance be advertised via Citizens Advice Scotland? And is there an opportunity to raise awareness of this assistance with concessionary card applications and blue badge applications to reach disabled people and older people with this information?”

“People with invisible disabilities need this support”

“The wheelchair versus buggies (Paulley ruling) needs revisited as bus driver still do nothing and I can never get on the bus because buggies are in the wheelchair space.”