Have you encountered any problems when purchasing rail tickets and or using concession/companion cards when travelling?


Your Feedback:

46% (19 respondents) answered yes, as they had experienced problems when purchasing rail tickets. 54% (22 respondents) had encountered no problems.

Your Comments:

“I have problems with ticket machines so prefer to buy tickets in advance and have them delivered by post.”

“1. Deaf people find it hard if they are buying tickets in unmanned stations and there are problems because they cannot phone the helpline service. 2. Deafblind people often have trouble reading the small print. Sometimes the print is faded and less clear. 3. The layout of the tickets can be confusing: hard to distinguish incoming/outgoing journey. 4. Sometimes staff in booking offices are not deaf aware/communication problems result.”

“Scot rail refuse to sell first class to wheelchair users unless you can come out your chair and transfer onto normal seat. Dundee to London plus Dundee to Manchester. The space is there in first class for wheelchair but not always accessible toilet. My daughter doesn’t need toilet facility but still refuse us. Not at all fair.”

“Is good overall. Continued work on making trains more accessible, especially for wheelchair users would be good though. Enjoy the train.”

“I have used a Disabled Person’s Railcard (DPR)for many years and one of the problems lies with application. I found that I originally did not know anything about a DPR. When I did find out, I needed it to travel quite soon but it took so long to process that I ended up paying full fare for myself and my companion. I understand that this problem still exists and even renewal takes a long time to process”

“As someone with an invisible disability I often have staff staring at me and looks like they aren’t happy I’m using a companion”

“Staff at the station refused to book assistance for me even though I have communication difficulties and I know that they are supposed to offer this service if asked.”