Question: Have you had problems accessing railway stations in Scotland?

Your feedback: Yes  83% (43 respondents) No 17% (9respondents)

Your comments: 


“Improvement works at stations make things really difficult, with usual entrances/exits being closed, ramp access not clearly signposted, etc.”

“Glasgow Central, Saltcoats, Ardrossan South Beach, Ayr getting on and off the train when you can’t find the guard!! or the ramps you have booked don’t turn up!!”

“I haven’t been on the Scottish mainland for 2 years but when I visited the mainland from my home in Orkney, my main issue was that my booked assistants hardly ever showed up. More often than not I had to rely on other passengers finding a member of staff to help me for which I was very grateful and they didn’t have to do it but they did.”

“The whole system of booking and getting assistance needs to be overhauled, as does step free access to stations and trains. I’ve visited London before on several occasions and I was very pleasantly surprised at the number of trains that were at the same level as the platform. A lot of work needs to be done on this.”


“For years I’ve regularly go on trains with my daughter in her wheelchair and I have nothing but praise for railway staff. We’ve only ever encountered problems with ignorant passengers using the wheelchair area for their luggage.”