Question: Should ScotRail make public toilets free to use at Glasgow Queen Street, Aberdeen, Inverness and Fort William Railway Stations?


Yes 82% (37 respondents) No 18% ( 8 respondents)

Your comments: 

“It is a nonsense that after a journey, which has already cost people handsomely, that the same company cannot allow a basic needs facility free to their customers.”

“I can understand the security concerns in regards of these stations via reports from media and the police. As for disabled toilets or changing areas for disabled these should and will be still accessible via radar key locks on these doors.”

“Toilets should be free unless they are staffed as they used to be. Payment could pay for wages and staff reduce the risk of vandalism.”

“To charge for the use of a basic amenity at a railway station is a bloody disgrace in this modern age.”

“A small charge helps keep trouble makers out of them and increases safety and stops vandalism.”

“I think it is inexcusable to be charging people to go to the toilet. There are other ways to police the toilets so I can only assume it is a money-making racket on the back of a normal bodily function we all have to undertake!”

“I am certainly in favour of using clean and regularly maintained toilets and even more in favour of using public toilets which are safe from some very unsavoury, very nasty antisocial behaviours and the characters which practice such!” 

“No need as the high cost of tickets can pay the cleaners and cleaning stuff and have security guards”