Weekly Poll Results – RBS Branch Closures (Week beginning 6 August 2018)

Question: Are you concerned about proposals for RBS to close a further 10 branches in Scotland?

Your feedback: Yes 91% (32 respondents) No 9% (3 respondents)

Your comments: 

“Why wasn’t this review carried out before RBS closed ANY branch? My local branch closed 2 years ago, and since then I have had to get someone else to do my banking. Mobile bank vehicles are inaccessable to many disabled people. The number of times and hours have been cut. For me to do online banking on the RBS website I would need to buy a new computer as their website isn’t compatible with my pc. I don’t have a smart phone so can’t use the app.”

“RBS in Troon already closed. Constantly hear about the distance to alternative branches and long queues – very unsatisfactory.”

“I stay in Saltcoats and our RBS bank closed end of June the problem with the mobile bank is that it is not accessible the steps are high and quite difficult to get in and out, on a wet day you have to stand outside and get soaked while waiting to get in.”

“I do not think RBS is fully aware of the issues surrounding the bank in Melrose, this area is poorly served by Broadband and this will have a real impact to those who intend switching to online banking. Loss of jobs and sucking more life from an already dying high street.”

“I live in Nairn and the local RBS beach closed a month ago. The mobile van visits only twice a week and is not accessible for wheelchairs or rollator. The RBS management have shown no concern for this issue. They hope customers will take their trade elsewhere!”

“This won’t affect me as I am not a customer, nor are any of my circle. I do, however, appreciate the distress this will cause those who are, and depend on local branches for ease of use.”

“I live in Caithness where branches have been closed and the van comes around the area with a limited time for each place, no disabled access no where for disabled people to sit while in the queue”

“We work with deaf people. Telephone banking and access generally is a problem. Less personal and less flexible approaches create more barriers and are less person centred. Digital banking/apps etc are fine however there are lots of people who are not digital, cannot access internet easily, particularly in large chunks of rural Scotland.”