Have road works ever affected your ability to get around?


Your Feedback:

96% of respondents answered yes as road works had affected their ability to get around, 4% of respondents answered no.

Your Comments:

“Roadworks have frequently caused me problems – especially in towns and cities. I find that it is becoming increasingly difficult to manoeuvre a wheelchair or power chair around roadworks. The main problem is that although they tend to provide a “walkway” around the work being done, the quality of the substitute route is poor with obstacles and rough surfaces.”

“Speed bumps or humps cause me and a huge number of other disabled people a great deal of unnecessary pain. It does not matter how slowly I approach and negotiate a speed bump or hump, it can still bring with it a lot of back pain. I know that when deciding to “improve” the roads by inserting these obstacles that normally no Equality Impact Assessments are undertaken and therefore disabled people are not having a say in whether they should be inserted to slow down traffic. Of course, I agree with traffic calming measures near to schools and other pedestrian areas but traffic can be slowed down by other methods rather than causing a lot of pain for so many people.”

“To be honest, road works don’t really annoy me, as I’m not out and about walking as I used to be. Where they would be a nuisance is where the whole width of the pavement is involved and you have to step onto the roadway, pass the works and then step back onto the pavement. The pedestrian “walk” is segregated from the road by bollards cones etc, for safety.”

“Not just road works but largely, a lack of road works and maintenance – continued failure by Local Authority to effectively repair and maintain road surfaces and pavements, to fill potholes effectively and use effective methods to keep them filled.”

“For many months, it has not been possible to travel on foot/wheelchair from Bellshill to Coatbridge as the walkways were removed as part of the M8 upgrade, and the replacement paths and bridges are still not fully open.  Its scandalous that such disregard is shown to not just disabled but also those wishing to walk rather than drive.”

“I am a Wheelchair User and I Thought I was not going to get home as the Council were Busy putting a non slip surface on the underpasses I need to use but the Problem was solved Very Quickly When the Underpass was declared Safe To Use. Well Done Stirling Council and Thank You for making the Underpass Safer for Wheelchair User’s in Stirling.”

“I am in a wheelchair and the pavements I encounter are rough with very uneven surfaces but the worst problem is the inadequacy of dropped kerbs. Either they are too high or they do not exist at all. Sometimes there is a dropped kerb on one pavement but nothing on the opposite one.”

“Not knowing whether it’s safe to go into the road around the obstruction. Being deafened by pneumatic drills. Walking into sharp, metal A-Signs that technically should be in the roadway not on the pavement. The list goes on!”
“I use a wheelchair or mobility scooter and often have problems passing road work including not enough room left on pavement to pass, no area for getting off/back onto pavement at road works if I can’t pass on pavement and most times debris from the works is left lying on the pavements making them impossible to pass.”