Thank you to everyone who completed last week’s poll about Shared Spaces. We had a fantastic response and received lots of interesting comments.


As a disabled person, do you agree with the idea of Shared Spaces? YES/NO

Your Feedback:

12% of the 36 respondents answered YES that they did agree with the idea of Shared Spaces. 88% said NO, they did not agree with Shared Spaces.

Some comments:

“Pedestrians and vehicles are not a good mix and imagine the chaos with no traffic lights or road signs.”

“Shared Spaces do not work well for people with a visual impairment as they are at risk of walking into the path of a cyclist or car as they don’t always hear them approaching.”

“Vehicles and bikes simply do not slow down and anyone with hearing or sight problems can be unaware of the hazard.”

“Shared spaces make it more difficult for disabled people to get about as you have more vehicles to get around and there is often no space between buildings and vehicles so you have to go out into the road to get past.”

“As a wheelchair user they make the space more accessible. I also believe the principles of what shared spaces aim to achieve are correct and for me enhance accessibility.”