Are you supportive of the proposal to provide a wheelchair to anyone who has been assessed as having a short-term need for one?


Yes 97% (30 respondents) No 3% (1 respondent)

Your comments: 

“In principle. However, any provision should be based on an assessment of the individuals needs and only be provided if it has been assessed as necessary to aid recovery/rehabilitation.”

“I have marked yes but with a huge caveat, in that, if someone is using a borrowed wheelchair for any longer than a couple of weeks they must be measured and fitted for the wheelchair otherwise there is a possibility that a much more severe disability can be caused by someone not being properly fitted and prescribed a wheelchair taking into regards the World Health Organisation guidance on the prescribing and fitting of wheelchairs. This must be flagged up as part of the private members bill.”

“On the condition that the person signs a form to say they will return the wheelchair when you no longer use it or even a small deposit on return.”

“As long as it is handed back when mobility issues are over.”

“Have been in the situation where I broke my leg and then injured my shoulder so couldn’t use the crutches I was given I had to hire a wheelchair at £35 a week but being on a low income really struggled with the expense.”

“With the proviso that, both issue and return are very closely supervised and a levy placed, on any user not returning the chair within an agreed period, without good reason, or a letter from a GP, Consultant, OT, suggesting that a permanent chair be issued.and one is on order.”

“I could see this easily fitting with social-economy/enterprise opportunity by extending shop mobility type services, care & repair type services or establishing an extension to other existing enterprise offering access/mobility services”