Question: Do you think the introduction of smart ticketing is a good idea?

Your feedback: Yes  79% (26 respondents) No 21% (7 respondents)

Your comments: 


“This will transform travel for many people as long as the supporting arrangements are accessible; how do people top up their accounts and will the formats available be accessible to everyone; e.g. accessible websites, accessible payment terminals etc”

“Biggest advantage is you take more than 3 bus or tube journeys in a day then you are only charged for 3 max a day so you save money. Not so good if you run out of money . Used Oyster card for first time last month and found it great.”

“I’ve used a smart card for a few years now. A great tool. Concerns. As long as all disabled people can use a smart card realistically then I see no problems.”


“Concerns are for people with cognitive impairment and ability to use or own a smart phone. Also those with sight impairment could potentially be at a disadvantage unless there is good assistance available and to ensure ordinary tickets can also be accessed.”

“This discriminates against rural stations that have no staff, no smart card readers, no ticket machines,and no signal for mobile apps.”

“I am sure many people might have concerns over security around these type of card i.e. will they also store bank details with payment which could then be hacked”