Weekly Poll Results – Social and Equality Impacts of Brexit (Week Beginning 3 February 2020)

Question: Are you concerned by ‘The Social and Equality Impacts of Brexit’ report which highlights the potential impacts Brexit will have on vulnerable people in Scotland?


Yes – 95% (260 respondents) No –5% (14 respondents)

Your comments:

“How will the Scottish Government manage to do everything it is doing to bring in a fairer and human rights based social security system and mitigate the issues raised within this report. Seems like an impossible task and it’s always disabled people or people struggling financially that get hit the most.”

“My son has just gone through cancer treatment which is still working in his body. He is also on moclobemide which is important for him, the problem is the doctors/pharmacy are finding it impossible to find a supply in this country. So I now have the added worry regarding his mental health as well as his cancer.”

“I have no faith in the politicians. The ability to win a majority vote after 10 years of austerity is so depressing. I can’t feel any hope for the future.”

“Potential impacts include: loss of rights, public services impacts, increase in hate crime, immigration and labour market impacts, and the potential for further dilution of equalities rights and protections.”

“I’m concerned that all the equality legislation which the EU brought about will be thrown out as unnecessary.”

“I am deeply concerned about the loss of rights identified within this report. It’s hard enough as a disabled person without Brexit causing further damage on top of the years of damage through austerity. I honestly feel anxious, frightened and distressed by it all.”

“I don’t think the public fully understand the benefits and protections we get from EU membership and we have just been forced to give these up by the UK Government. Scotland needs independence and to take its place back in the European Union.”

This is a well researched piece of work that needs to be included in the planning and risk management functions of all public bodies and organisations that provide services to the people of Scotland. Plans need to be tailored to reduce the impact on disabled people and older people in Scotland.”

“It’s hard enough to find a carer but it’s getting even harder as people no longer feel this is their home. I have lost 2 excellent carer in the last year because they couldn’t get settled citizen status.”

“Where to start – most of the 137 potential impacts give me cause for great concern as a disabled person.”

“This is going to affect my ability to employ a Carer and PA, which may mean me having to give up my part time employment.”

“The Scottish Government, aided by academics, are seeking support for their negativism, with both using Brexit for their own ends. They should let us know in 10 years how much better off Brits are than their impoverished EU counterparts after the change process.”

“Nobody knows what the final outcome of leaving the EU will be, and it will most certainly be better if the politicians work together rather than spending their time fostering division!”

“It seems spurious to have this poll on this topic at the moment, when no-one knows any of the Brexit impacts for sure, and certainly not the potential social and equality impacts. These are all speculative at the moment so why have such speculation?”