Question: Are you concerned by the increasing demand on social care services in Scotland? 


Yes – 100% (51 respondents)

Your comments:

“There really isn’t enough care cover. In my care package I’m assessed as needing approximately 40 hours a week however I receive less than 20 as no care agency in my area has enough space to cover the lot. Frequently my family have to cover (though they live 5 hours away and lose work time). There particularly is a lack of care for younger people with just physical disabilities and not learning disabilities. I want to be able to live a life but am so restricted as I can’t get the care I need. I’m scared this will only get worse and more institutionalised. One size does not meet all but the pressure on services means one size is all that can be offered.”

“The number of closures of day care services etc means that the reliance on the communities whilst laudable is worrying considering the numbers of people already doing more than one job and local organisations need to be included in the planning process much earlier.”

“Not enough care workers. Carers not given enough time to spare a few moments to those people that are house bound and their carers are the only people they see in a day. Some care homes have dishonest staff, no wonder families install cameras. Unfortunately it’s the usual, a few bad ones spoil it for the good workers.”

“Lack of available information regarding how to seek help with illness.”

“We believe the system is underfunded and insufficient to tackle the real needs of those with communication barriers sensory needs. Sensory deprivation is a form of torture yet the historic system seems to avoid and/or undervalue the need for communication and language support needs and the new system is in danger of perpetuating that. Given the association with things like social isolation & dementia these are issues we must address effectively now to save in the longer term.”

“Yes, very concerned. People need to be able to access care when they require care and not find they are waiting excessive amounts of time.”