Do you think the Scottish Government will deliver an improved social security benefits system?


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62% (31 respondents) answered yes, as they thought the Scottish Government could deliver an improved social security system. 38% (19 respondents) answered no.

Your Comments:

“We should have full control and rules would never be set by Westminster. I have huge respect for Jean Freeman, she is leading a real change vs business as usual and I wish her well.”
“One of the problems at the moment with the benefit system is method of contact. Usually telephone, if a person has difficulty using a phone, ie BSL user, then this is time consuming and not at all inclusive.”
“It is my sincerest hope that the Scottish Government scraps PIP in favour of a more compassionate and fairer benefit.”
“I would like to see more consideration and emphasis on communication as part of the overall assessment & benefits system. Communication is key to well being and citizenship/all that we need to do to address inequalities…….”
“I hope that the Scottish Government will keep its word not to use private companies for assessments. Hopefully the system will have care and compaction at its centre”
“I feel that it is clear that currently Scottish Government have and are involving people from across Scotland and listening to their views on the benefits system. As long as they continue to listen and consider the views of the Scottish population and in particular to those currently in receipt of benefits then I am confident they will deliver a much improved benefits system”