Question: Would being treated at home by a paramedic be preferable than a trip to A&E for you or someone you care for?

Your feedback: Yes  95% (39 respondents) No 5% (4 respondents)

Your comments: 

“If you can be treated at home it means the hospital bed is available for someone who really needs or has more complex needs than you do. These paramedics have skills that give them knowledge to treat people at home safety. It should also be remember that people are more relaxed at home and as a result might respond to treatment quicker than in hospital.”

“So long as it does not compromise the patients health and the chances of recovery! Living in a remote rural area getting to a viable A/E department is a very lengthy and distressing process and being competently treated at home or in a local GP surgery environment would be much preferable to having to travel a minimum of 45 miles to the local A/E or well over 130 miles to the next biggest and more comprehensive.”

“My one experience it was an excellent service””This would be less stressful. A good idea I hope it works.”

“They must surely relieve the pressure on A&E and give comfort to the elderly that can stay in their own homes rather than going to hospital.”

“Specialist Paramedic would be most welcome if it reduces the strain on hospitals and trips to join enormous queues.”

“This seems like a much more sensible and cost effective option and would be less stressful for me as a disabled person. Being treated at home by a paramedic would be my first and preferred option.”

“They sound like a great idea, I just hope they have them available in rural areas in the North of Scotland too. Having to go to A and E can be such a long journey so if support was available closer to home it would be a great help.”

“Excellent service, more practical & accessible too.”

“There is much to say on this-so I will simply point out this. If you are a disabled person managing single or multiple conditions, and with associated symptoms, relapses or related complications-then you need to be seen in a hospital setting by the correct level of specialist. Not at home by a SP who despite all best efforts & training, cannot possibly have anywhere near an understanding of the myriad of health issues out there!. I would be concerned at being treated at home in this fashion.”

“It would indeed. For old folks like us the risk of acquiring infection is great and as a blind person I know my way about my home.”