Do you think employers in Scotland must do more to support their employees who are carers?


Yes 100% (30 respondents) 

Your comments: 

My wife’s former employer, a large well known international organisation were far from supportive, flexible or considerate to which she had to give up work – caring and work were NOT compatible! All she now gets financially is Carers Allowance each week and cannot even get her previous employers pension until she is officially of retirement age!”

“My partner is currently having problems and the stress has caused her to be off work sick due to the company ignoring her needs.”

I absolutely agree that carers should be supported, as it is they who are keeping the individual/s they care for, out of hospital and other residential and/or nursing homes. It is false economy not to support carers, as the alternatives to the care they give, often 24/7, are all much more expensive ( apart from any other consideration ) for society to support and finance – this is just very basic Health Economics, and it would be good if the UK and Scottish Governments were familiar with that.”

“Many carers would like to be in paid employment and can be highly skilled people. A supportive employer can help to keep carers in the workforce.”

“The Employers have to be more flexible and allow time off if necessary and if the carer wants to make up hours or do some work at home for the same pay.”

“Employers should be able to have certain things in place to support them in the role they do. Such as having to work flexible hours to suit their care role.”

“Carers are often looked on by employees as a hindrance and this has to change. Carers add a valuable contribution at home and at work and it is normally their life balance that suffers to do this. This needs to be addressed particularly given the increased reliance on carer as people are living longer.”

“Employers need to be more flexible with employees who are also carers and look for ways to allow them to hold down their job, be a carer and have a work life balance.”

“Both my Mother and Father’s employer know that they are carers. Should they need time off to deal with me, they give them as much time off as required, without deducting pay.”