Question: Does the system ensure patients receive the most clinically and cost-effective treatment?


Yes 34% (21 respondents) No 66% (41 respondents)

Your comments: 

“Too often, it is the symptoms alone that are being prescribed for without treating the cause, therefore, future prescribing continues. Finding the cause cannot be done in a 10 minute appointment!”

“My health conditions, associated with my disability, means that I have to take life saving drugs to keep me breathing. If there was to be a change, for example introducing prescription fees, this would have a huge disproportionate impact on people with disabilities, who are often managing long term health conditions.”

“Inadequate GP / patient time. No continuity of care meaning GP’s often do not know their patients. GP’s treating individual conditions rather than taking an overall view of complex, multiple conditions. Poor levels of referrals for specialist assessment so patients may not be receiving appropriate or up to date treatment.”

“There needs to be significantly less bureaucracy on alternative medicines such as cannabis (including hemp) and vitamin B17.”