Have you heard about the Thistle Assistance Card?

  • YES – 69% (167 respondents)
  • NO –31% (76 respondents)

 If yes, are you a user of the Thistle Assistance Card?

  • YES – 40% (71 respondents)
  • NO – 60% (105 respondents)

Are you aware of any other tools helping people to travel more confidently (for example, a different card or badge scheme?)

  • YES – 16% (39 respondents)
  • NO – 83% (201 respondents

Your comments: 

“Doesn’t make any difference to the accessibility of transport or the help you get from bus drivers i.e. normally none!”

“The pavements, bus stops and some bus drivers are the problem.”

“The thistle card doesn’t make transport more accessible. Only transformational change will.”

“Bus drivers are not very helpful. Always in. Hurry to drive off.”

“Why 2 cards if you have a bus pass? Could your bus pass not prompt that you need more time to get to seat. This would be more discreet.”

“Accessible Travel Hub hosted by Disability Equality Scotland and Sponsored by Transport Scotland.  This is a good place to get information”

Briefing Paper

Read the Disability Equality Scotland briefing paper here.