Question: Do you think the TV Licence should continue to be free for people aged 75 or over?

Your feedback: Yes 88% (44 respondents) No 12% (6 respondents)

Your comments: 

Agree that the TV Licence should continue to be free for people aged 75 or over

“It’s hard enough for people on state pensions and restricted incomes to manage financially. The UK Government should be ashamed of how they are treating older people and disabled people. Absolutely shocking treatments, while many MPs line their own pockets with obscene expenses !”

“I cannot voice more strongly that the over 75s should certainly continue to be given their TV Licence free of charge! If this even results in those who pay having to pay an additional amount, it is vital that the licence fee is waived for over 75s. People forget that apart from company and entertainment, a TV provides an educational function as well. Many current affairs programmes are very informative, there are mind-enhancing documentaries, quizzes, travelogues and geography programmes – beneficial for people who can perhaps neither afford to travel or who are unable to for various reasons. A TV is also stimulating, and can provide opportunities to ” go to the theatre ” and experience drama and opera from all over the world – inaccessible to most folk, but there on the television. It offers not only information, but also inspires ideas, and sparks interest, encourages people to think for themselves. People over 75 have enough drains on their pensions and meagre finances -. Let’s leave the TV Licence alone.”

“Would further isolate people and be grossly unfair to end this for people 75 years and over. Would further add to poverty and social isolation. The BBC and any government who sanction this will never be forgiven. Hopefully good sense will prevail and people aged 75 and over will continue to get free licence.”

“I think it should not only remain free for those over 75 but the age should be lowered to 65. As said, we are talking about people who have worked all their lives and paid their taxes. The Government should respect that and give little concessions such as this without question.”

“TV is probably the only companion some pensioners actually get. Don’t take their only pleasure away.”

“Frankly I think it should be reviewed and abolished in line with pension age, not just over 75.”

“Likewise it should also be free for disabled people with a qualifying level of disability.”

“The TV License should be optional for everyone else as well because it’s about time the BBC became privatised so people can tune elsewhere without having to be sent threatening letters if they choose to boycott the BBC by refusing to pay the TV License.” 

Disagree that the TV Licence should continue to be free for people aged 75 or over

“It should be provided free for those who can’t afford it, however, many people over 75 have very good pensions and easily afford it.”

“I think a 50% concession should be available to those aged 75 and over who claim it. I’m never convinced by the increasing poverty argument. If a TV licence causes a problem, the solution lies beyond the scope of this discussion.”

“Should be means-tested. Many over 75s have great pensions, while thousands of housebound disabled people on benefits , reliant on tv for company or keep up to date on current affairs, have to pay the fee.”