Question: Do you think local authorities in Scotland should be given the choice to introduce a tourism tax?


Yes 50% (19 respondents) No 50% (19 respondents)

Your comments: 


“I think the levy should be used to improve toilet facilities. At the moment in the Highlands toilets are few and far between and many close in the winter months.”

“Tourist tax is common in Europe, USA, Canada, Asia etc. Tourists would not be discouraged to visit and stay. However, “staycations” are already very expensive; it would only add to the cost and make staycations even more expensive or unaffordable.” 

“I think with the volume of tourists now coming into Scotland, we need to have the extra tax so that Local Authorities can ensure that our visitors have a quality “product”

“They should have no choice. It should be made law. Take a look at the Isle of Skye, it is too easily accessible and tourists are being literally turned away by Police because the area cannot cope with such numbers.”

“Paris has had a tourist tax for years now it doesn’t discourage people from visiting Paris, the money is reinvested into the area and investment to encourage tourists would be welcome.”


“As a disabled person living in what is increasingly becoming a very much desired area of Scotland for tourists to visit, I am faced with on an almost daily basis, the destructive side effects of ever increasing volumes of tourists and their vehicles.” 

“Over-tourism is a problem in Edinburgh. It’s become dangerous e.g. to walk along George IV Bridge during August. Tourists block the pavement at Greyfriar’s Bobby’s statue and outside the Elephant House. They are totally unaware of the effect this has on people trying to get past.”

“This is something they have in other parts of the world, however I think if the charge is above a certain level it might stop people visiting Scotland. On top of this the issue of Brexit could effect the value of the pound against the Euro and other countries etc. So it is something that we need to be careful about doing.”

“Given the surge in tourism over the past 5 years or so, it would – in my opinion – be a backward step. I am not convinced (through experience with Highland Council) that the monies raised through such a tax would be used purely on tourism infrastructure.”

“It could stop people visiting Scotland. We depend so much on Tourism, why put people off. Not everyone could afford the extra money. Why penalise people if they want to have a few night break? 70-page document far too long to study.”