Question: Do you agree with the 3 proposed objectives featured in the Police Scotland Strategy for keeping people safe? 


Yes – 74% (37 respondents) No – 26% (13 respondents)

Your comments:

“Age, disability and special needs are not clearly addressed in the development of digital services leaving these groups vulnerable to further abuse and open to theft of resources and the diminished of confidence.”

“Yes, a positive change in policy now. Too much time wasted by police as first responders dealing with social issues which really should be dealt with by medical staff/paramedics, for example.”

“Empty promises which will not be properly funded or resourced. The police service is in disarray and it will take 5/10 years to regain public confidence. Police are conspicuously absent in the multi agency setting and agenda setting in respect of responding to vulnerability in the community.”

I think inclusive communication should be at the heart of the approach ensuring messages get to all in accessible ways.”

“Need staff to carry out the policies. Constant cutting of Police numbers is not helpful.”

“In principle yes, but where are the resources to support the stated objectives? Where is the man power? Where are the Police on the ground?”

“These proposals need to be designed with the general public from the offset.”

“Yes, but these are only words, the Police are under resourced as it is, so how are they going to achieve this? Meanwhile vulnerable people remain vulnerable.”

“In this day and age we must accept we all have to do more with less. That is both time and money.”