Question: Will the sugar tax help reduce obesity?

Your feedback: Yes –30% (14 respondents) No 70% (32 respondents)

Your comments: “Even if companies cut down on sugar, they still replace the sugar with other chemicals that still are not good for our health.”

“Yes it should help but only as part of a package of measures that looks at availability, education and alternative activities.”

“As a type 2 insulin-dependent diabetic Lucozade was the ‘go to’ drink when diabetics had hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar), now diabetics have had to use other methods to increase their blood sugar in the case of (possible life-threatening) hypos as the sugar content in Lucozade has been halved so not all the efforts to reduce sugars are welcome.”

“If folks want the “sugar hit” they will buy sugary food and drinks regardless of higher prices. It may deter some but perhaps not a great deal.”